We Provide Solutions

We Provide Solutions

May 30, 2015
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SI-STEMS is an emergency medicine contract management staffing, consulting and implementation company. We provide and implement solutions to your department and provider management issues. SI-STEMS addresses your clinical and quality management concerns and optimizes administrative and financial operations. We will help you implement your desired growth strategies and overcome your patient satisfaction challenges.


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  • Learn More About SI-STEMS



    If you enjoy working with a first class organization that focuses on quality and best practices, we could be what you’re looking for!

    Physicians, PAs & NPs

    SI-STEMS is a physician-owned, physician-managed organization that will always ensure the appropriate roles for providers within the emergency department team.

    Hospitals, Free Standing ERs and Urgent Care Facilities

    Are you receiving these value-added services from your current emergency medicine group? SI-STEMS’ partners are!
  • Contact SI-STEMS


    Phone:  855-SI-STEMS (855-747-8367)  Hours: Mon-Fri  8am-5pm (CST)






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