Hospitals, Free Standing ERs and Urgent Care Facilities

Hospitals, Free Standing ERs and Urgent Care Facilities

May 30, 2015
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Emergency Department InnovationAre you receiving these value-added services from your current emergency medicine group? SI-STEMS’ partners are!

  • Clinical best practice implementation
  • Community engagement and brand enhancement
  • Continuous quality improvement
  • Discharge process enhancement
  • Medical/legal risk avoidance
  • Medical screening processes
  • Patient satisfaction initiatives
  • Reimbursement analysis
  • Strategic clinical initiatives
  • Strategic financial initiatives
  • Throughput analysis and improvement

We Specialize in Outcomes


The initial focus is placed upon creating the correct operational infrastructure to match your facility, the community and your shared goals. SI-STEMS will work with you to rebuild the performance of your ER across clinical, financial, administrative and operations metrics.


We appreciate the desire for expertise in your ER across providers, nursing and ancilliary care. SI-STEMS will educate and teach your staff best practices and continually maintain standard of care operations within your ER, leading to better outcomes and lower litigation risk.


Your ER is the hospital’s front door and should represent an opportunity to support operations throughout the hospital. Instead of working in isolation, SI-STEMS works with you to grow your ER by optimizing performance on existing patients and by growth your volumes through enhancing your brand within the community.


You want your ER to be a Center of Excellence, a place when employees want to work, and a place to which patients enjoy coming. Allow SI-STEMS to train your staff on best practices that result in the highest levels of patient and staff satisfaction.


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    If you enjoy working with a first class organization that focuses on quality and best practices, we could be what you’re looking for!

    Physicians, PAs & NPs

    SI-STEMS is a physician-owned, physician-managed organization that will always ensure the appropriate roles for providers within the emergency department team.

    Hospitals, Free Standing ERs and Urgent Care Facilities

    Are you receiving these value-added services from your current emergency medicine group? SI-STEMS’ partners are!
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